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2016.07.04 Monday







    I went to the Year 10 camp at April 4 to 6. I was really nervous before I went to the camp because I can't play activities well and I had never played all the activities. Also I had never met to the Year 10 students but they were friendly and kind. Some Year 13 students and three professionals joined the camp too.

    A first, we divided in three teams and introduced ourselves. Then we played some games to remember each others names.

    Then, we played Caving. Caving is an activity where we move in the cave. The stream flowed in the cave, also the cave was dark, narrow and slippery. Some students screamed because the stream was cold and deep. But I think the cave isn't scary. It was exciting. We wore thermals in the cave but we got wet afterwards. So we had to change clothes.

    We went to the camp and made a tent. Some Japanese students joined the camp but we didn't know how to make a tent. So we asked other students and they helped us.

    After that, we began to make a dinner. I can't remember the meals name but I remember it was used sausages, onions, tomato sauce and apples. I was surprised about apple in the meal. It was unique for me to get apple in the meal. It was delicious but it was too much so we had to throw away it. Other Japanese students said, "What a waste!"

    Next day, we played rock climbing and abseiling after breakfast. I was a little scared because I had to climb and abseil on the rock. But the camp had professionals. They taught us how to do rock climbing and abseiling. We wore helmet and attached ropes. in abseiling, I slipped on the rock but I was OK because I had a helmet and a rope. Some students helped me when I couldn't climb the rock so I could do it. 

    That night we made nachos. This is famous food in NZ and this was delicious too.

    On the last day, we made a raft and ride on it in the lake. The previous day, we were taught how to knot the rope by the professionals. We made a raft to use it. we had to knot the rope tight. Then we rode on the raft and rowed. I was not scared because the lake is not deep and there were no waves. Some people fell down and dived into the lake so the raft sometimes shock.

    I'm not scared in all the activities because professionals supported us. So I didn't feel dangerous. Never to shower is hard for us but I really enjoyed the camp. I made Kiwi friends and now I can have lunch with them. So I think I'm glad to go to the camp. 



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